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Massage has the potential to transform one's relationship with their body because it directly speaks to the mind, body and soul.  It can help each person who experiences it to better integrate these three parts of themselves and be more whole.  I am passionate about bringing this possibility in the form of massage to each of the clients I work with in my private practice.

KnottWorks Massage has locations conveniently near Grand Central and Union Square.  We specialize in home visits throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

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KnottWorks Massage offers a wide range of massage services and wants to work with you.  At KnottWorks Massage we strongly believe in the connection between the mind and body and that each is an access point to the other.  We believe that everything impacts everything and that the health of your of mind and body is the health of the entire world.

Palliative Massage

The healing power of touch can be unparalleled.  Comforting touch has a way of profoundly reaching people to promote wellness.  Massage has been shown to reduce pain and increase relaxation in people with pain-causing illness.  Experience in long-term care settings and working with those with HIV & AIDS has shown us that touch can be missing from the lives of those that are ill and is something that is desperately needed.  Touch can tell us that we are loved and cared for, increasing our desire and ability to be well.  The body/mind connection is staggeringly important.

Prenatal Massage

As a pregnancy progresses a woman tends to become increasingly uncomfortable.  Massage can help reduce edema, increase circulation and block pain receptors.  Women need care, just as much as the lives growing inside of them.  Unborn babies learn about the outside world through their mother's emotional and physical state.  A happy mom means a happy baby.

Massage and Chiropractic work

These two forms of alternative therapy make the perfect pair.  Even the perfect adjustment will only have temporary benefits if your muscles are used to the way things were when you were in pain.  Our muscles have memory and if your vertebrae were out of alignment long enough, your muscles will go back to the way they were, even if that means taking your bones with them!


Reiki takes the healing effects of a massage deeper by working with the energy centers in the body.  Reiki promotes deep relaxation, healing and pain relief and can be done with our without physical contact, so it can be used with those who are sensitive to touch.

Massage for Stress Relief

Everyone knows the power of massage to relax the body and mind. Massage directly affects the the Central Nervous System and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows everything down in the body giving the body the time and energy it needs to repair itself. Massage can be deeply meditative for client and practitioner alike.

Massage Classes and Work Shops 

Each workshop is designed to suit your specific needs and is for anyone who wants to know how to give a  massage to a partner, friend, family member.  We will teach you the techniques needed to perform a great massage using hands, arms, tools and aromatherapy in your home.  These workshops are designed for an individual, couple or group.  Please inquire for more details.


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